Anglesboro Church


The first mention of a church being built in Anglesboro was 1804 when the parish priest at the time, Fr. Patrick Fant, built a small church, This was probably on the site where the church stands today.  The present church, St. Patrick’s was erected in 1829 when Fr. Patrick Kirby was parish priest.  It was opened for public worship on St. Patrick’s Day, 1830.  At that time it was a simple rectangular structure.  In 1906 extensive renovations were carried out when the side aisles and the sacristy were added. 

During the 1930s the present Stations of the Cross were put in place at a cost of £75.  Families who donated £5 got their names inscribed on a plaque underneath a station.  The graveyard was opened in the mid- 1940s.  PreviouslyAnglesboro people were buried in Galbally, Kilbehenny and Mitchelstown.  The present sacristans, Patsy and Mary Slattery, provide a link with the past.  Patsy’s great –grandfather, John O’Dwyer was the first sacristan of Anglesboro church and the job has been done ever since, except for a short break in the early 1990s, by members of that family.  Fr. Dick Kelly is the present parish priest.

Holy Well

There was a holy well at Barragurrahy.  It was a place of pilgrimage until relatively recent times.  Senior residents can still recall seeing pilgrims doing the rounds, reciting prayers and leaving voting offerings, such as rags, hanging on bushes as well as coins and medals placed in Paradise well at Barnagurrahy.  This well was renowned for its cures for sore eyes.


Anglesboro Church